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The Institute for Corporate Accounting, Controlling and Financial Management (IUCF) is an interdisciplinary institute of the NBS Northern Business School - University of Applied Science based in Hamburg. In parallel to teaching, research and development projects in various areas are continuously carried out at the NBS. The IUCF has set itself the task of deepening both the theoretical and empirical foundations for research in the field of digital economy.

High-quality, practical and well-founded teaching is based on theoretical principles, which are supplemented by the findings of application-oriented research. By participating in research projects, students learn to apply their knowledge in practice. This enables them to take on tasks independently in companies and to develop successfully after completing their studies. In this way, the lecturers as well as the students benefit equally from the scientific discourse.

The research activities of the IUCF are oriented towards nati­­­­onal and international priorities. The focus is on the following six main research areas:

  • Digital economy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business process management & project management
  • ­Sustainable corporate finance
  • Value-based management & performance measurement in the context of digitization

The professors of the IUCF supervise practical and bachelor theses and offer a very wide range of business topics. The various publications by the professors offer insights into the various subject areas.

In addition, the IUCF offers a free start-up consultation hour once a month, in which students present their business ideas and then receive balanced feedback with helpful suggestions on topics such as feasibility, finances and controlling as well as IT and data protection. Through the advice on the topic of "start-ups", the students benefit from the strong practical relevance and the expert knowledge of the professors.

In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in workshops during the semester as well as summer and winter schools.