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The Institute for Accounting, Controlling and Financial Management (IUCF) was founded in 2016 and is an interdisciplinary institute of the NBS Northern Business School based in Hamburg. The research activities of the IUCF are oriented towards various national and international priorities in the context of the digital economy.

One of the main focuses of the institute is research in the form of publications of its own scientific studies. Furthermore, the development and implementation of events to promote business start-ups have high priority. These are promoted through the coordination and development of the relevant business modules of the NBS. The results of successful collaboration are reflected in the scientific publications.

Our Motivation

We want to promote the exchange between us teachers and students in a wide variety of areas. Through the institute, we want to bring students closer to research on current issues and combine them with their practical teaching. We would also like to advise and support start-ups and be at their side to help.

Goals and Strategies

Goals of the IUCF

  • Promotion and consultation for start-ups 
  • Promotion of the exchange of research to ensure up-to-date and practical teaching

Strategies of the IUCF

  • Applied research on professional management consulting as well as up-to-date and practical teaching
  • Promotion of young talent through research and teaching
  • Intensive advice to support the first steps in setting up a company

The stated goals and strategies of the IUCF mean in detail:

  1. Individual consultations with experts help to clarify all questions relating to the business plan and the establishment as a whole, as well as to avoid common mistakes and thus increase the chances of a successful company establishment and management. The IUCF teachers therefore offer free advice to potential founders.
  2. The teaching staff of the IUCF are responsible for the coordination and further development of the relevant and practice-oriented business modules of all NBS courses of the Bachelor and Master’s degree.
  3. In order to promote the exchange of science and practice and to convey practical content to the students of the NBS University in greater depth, the IUCF focuses on the development and implementation of practical events as well as the promotion and advice of future entrepreneurs.