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We are a team consisting of three professors. The Institute was initially founded by Prof. Dr. Markus Peskes and Prof. Dr. Marco Becker in June 2016 and shortly afterwards expanded to include Prof. Dr. Carl Heinz Daube.

Our common task is to closely interlink a preferably holistic interdisciplinary approach of practice-oriented teaching with research on current business issues and at the same time to promote the exchange between us teachers and the students in a wide variety of fields.

We organise seminars and invite executives for varied lectures. In addition, three of us successfully run their own businesses, which ensures that our students are confronted with numerous entrepreneurial challenges as well as practical examples.

Prof. Dr. Markus Peskes

  • Director of the Institute
  • Professorship of Accounting & Controlling
  • Contact: peskes[at]

Prof. Dr. Marco Becker

  • Deputy head of the institute
  • Professorship of Controlling & Financial Management
  • Contact: becker[at] 

Prof. Dr. Carl Heinz Daube

  • Vice-Director for Research
  • Professorship of Financial Management
  • Contact: daube[at]

Student Assistants

In addition to the professors, two student assistants support the research activities of the IUCF.

  • Fabian Tang Zheng
  • Jan-Oliver Bröcker