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Brave for Brands

Name of the startup:Brave for Brands (B2B Channel)
FoundationSeptember 2018 in Hamburg
TeamJonas Pickhardt


Brave designs, produces and distributes sustainable products with a focus on the textile sector. Specialising in employee benefits, Brave produces company merch collections and runs small and large gift campaigns.

With the help of traditional craftsmanship, an in-house screen printing shop and a great partner network of the best producers for local and fair products, we create products that trigger something in our customers' team. Namely joy.


The vision is to help businesses of all kinds become more sustainable. Our approach is to provide their employees with sustainable products. We also connect companies with charities and offer several other features such as climate positivity or circularity of company clothing.

Most important milestone on the journey so far:

The most important milestone is entering into partnerships with major international players, such as myself. This way, thousands of employees worldwide have already been supplied with sustainable products and made happy. Fantastic!

Biggest hurdles

The biggest hurdle was, and still is, the gigantic administrative burden caused by legal obligations, for example in terms of accounting and taxes. Unfortunately, this effort grows along with the company. This principle should definitely be abolished.

Mistakes that founders would no longer make

I am always open to repeating my mistakes. Nevertheless, I would recommend first generating a demand and only then founding a company. Otherwise you have the administrative burden I mentioned earlier, even without generating any revenue at all. Not a good deal.

To what extent was the IUCF able to help with the start-up?

Through the IUCF I got some valuable tips as well as met people who helped me on my way. Although not necessarily with this company. Shout-outs go out to Mr Peskes, Mr Dobernig and Mr Becker. And a special thanks at this point to my friend Carl Heinz Daube.