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Prof. Dr. Peskes, Prof. Dr. Becker and Prof. Dr. Daube - all teachers at the NBS - always offer their start-up consultation hours on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Quarree study center - currently via MS teams - often supported by competent practice representatives.

In the start-up consultation hour, the students can present their business idea and then receive balanced feedback with helpful suggestions, e.g. on the topics of feasibility, finances and controlling as well as IT and data protection. Advice on the subject of "start-ups" is free of charge for NBS students and is intended to help them with the first considerations regarding a possible business start-up.

Why a start-up consultation hour at the IUCF makes sense:

Every entrepreneur has a long list: develop a business idea, create a calculation, get credit, plan marketing - and much more. Either you do all the tasks yourself or you seek professional support right from the start. Six reasons are listed below why it makes sense to seek advice from the IUCF.

1. Many start-ups have a rough business idea, but don't know how and where to start. Others, on the other hand, have mastered their craft, but have no experience in starting a business.
→ The IUCF helps you to draw up a business plan for the start-up and to keep track of things.

2. Nowadays banks have become very reluctant to lend. Founders have to prepare their project very carefully from the start and argue well if they want to convince a bank. Very few succeed in doing this.
→ The IUCF can support you with your financial situation or with bank meetings.

3. In order to get ahead, you need sensible feedback, which can help you with future ideas and decisions. Friends and relatives can often not help because they simply do not know what it is about.
→ The IUCF supports start-ups and young entrepreneurs by listening and then giving them critical but constructive feedback.

4. Many start-ups have a good idea. But the most important question is: will this idea also prevail on the market and how is the competition?
→ The IUCF has professors who run their own successful companies or who work as freelancers. This enables them to assess the market very well.

5. Many people cannot present themselves and their business idea correctly. They often learn their lectures and presentations by heart and therefore present their achievements rather poorly or cannot find the right words when an unexpected question is asked. But that is exactly what is needed to win customers and sponsors.
→ The IUCF has both the external image and advertising in mind and can support you in presenting yourself better.

6. Nothing is as expensive as a poorly prepared start-up. If you are badly prepared at the beginning, you will run into problems faster. Customers stay away and you don't earn anything, which is why many start-ups often fail.
→ The IUCF offers free start-up advice and is therefore an investment in the future.

Every business start-up should be aware that starting a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. There are numerous forms and administrative procedures. In the first time there are no black numbers and that is anything but fun. A start-up consultation from the IUCF motivates, drives and helps students to be successful on their way to self-employment.


If you are interested in the business start-up consultation, please contact becker[at]